Over the last ten years, my husband and I have traveled to over twenty countries together. One of my favorite travel activities has always been to visit as many pastry shops and bakeries as humanly possible, and indulge in their local flavours. However, since becoming a vegan in 2016, it became increasingly harder to find plant-based treats that I could enjoy both while away and at home. So I simply started cataloging those inspiring international treats, and recreating them in my kitchen to satisfy those impossibly tempting dessert cravings, without all the animal products. 

Then 2019 came along and dropped off a few but rather large life changes. I went on maternity leave, my husband and I became a family of three, and we happily embarked on our first international adventure as new parents. My husband and I had always been avid travelers, and being able to include our daughter inspired me in a way that only bringing things that we love together can do. So while wandering the streets of Portugal, sampling local treats with our six-month old baby in tow, I realized exactly what all these changes in my life were building up to. It was time to bring together my love for pastries and travelling, and realize my dream of being a full-time baker. And so, Take Me Away Pastries was born. 

Take Me Away Pastries is everything wonderful about being vegan, tied up into a beautiful pastry. We're proud to be 100% plant-based, small-batch, cruelty-free, and environmentally conscious. I hope you enjoy these baked goods and enjoy every last bite of love that went into them.